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Use Zoho CRM and Google Calendar integration to plan once - and get more done

Sticky notes, cell phone reminders, desk calendars, and the classic note written in pen on the back of your hand. Scheduling and planning have come a long way thanks to online calendars and planning tools. With so many different tools that are meant  to make things easier; busy entrepreneurs can struggle to keep track of different mailboxes, tasks, and all those meetings and events.

Zoho CRM integration means you can bring all your events, meetings, contacts, and tasks together into one calendar. Through integrating your Zoho CRM with Google Workspace tools like Google Calendar and Gmail you don’t need to plan, update, and think in parallel anymore.

Get all the benefits of Zoho CRM

Remember why you were looking for a good CRM in the first place? Customer Relationship Management (CRM software) helps businesses streamline and automate processes focused on building customer relationships. A good CRM enables you to manage and coordinate every interaction your business has with current or potential customers. This frees you and your team from the shackles of busy work to focus on higher-order activities. You don’t want your top salesperson to spend their day completing forms, sending emails and updating data – you want them connecting with clients, following leads and closing the deal.

Zoho brings together over 30 applications in one place to organise, automate, and track these interactions to grow customer relationships, generate leads, and make your life easier. This includes Zoho calendar, which is free for all Zoho users, and Zoho planning tools to help you manage projects and workflows more effectively.

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What is Google Calendar?

Planning what to do only gets you halfway there – you also need to find time to do it. Google Calendar is a popular Google Workspace application widely used for time management and scheduling, especially since it is integrated with Gmail. Like all the Google Workspace apps, Google Calendar is designed for teams on the go. It makes it easy to share your schedule with other people and create multiple calendars to keep everyone on the same page. When you work from an organised calendar, it’s easy to schedule meetings and tasks, avoid procrastination, and reach goals with less effort. 

How to use Google Calendar CRM integration

Ever tried to reschedule a meeting after realising you booked it at the exact same time as that doctor’s appointment that simply cannot be moved? Then you know the importance of having a synced calendar with all your appointments – whether personal or for business – in one place. This is what Google Calendar CRM integration allows you to do. It enables you to manage your Google Calendar and Zoho Calendar in one space to optimise your calendar workflow further.

Zoho Google Calendar integration offers two-way synchronisation, which means you can automatically add all your Google Calendar entries to your Zoho Calendar and vice versa. No need to force yourself or your team to switch away from the calendar they know or prefer – you can simply keep both calendars updated at all times. Combined with Zoho Gmail integration, your Google Workspace and CRM can work together as one.

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What are the benefits of integrating Google Calendar with Zoho CRM?

CRM integration can yield benefits like better records, improved communication, and better scheduling. It’s likely that you and your team already use Google applications like Gmail, Google Docs and Calendar both at work and personally. With  Zoho CRM and Google Workspace integration, your sales teams can close deals from one single space and access all their favourite tools without having to jump between different platforms. Here are the benefits of using Zoho and your Google Calendar in complete sync.

1. Save time

One of the most obvious benefits of connecting your CRM with Google Calendar is an uninterrupted workflow. Instead of relying on two separate apps, when integrated, your CRM and Google Calendar work together to improve your processes. You can manage both calendars together with ease and schedule events perfectly without having to jump between tabs. All your events, meetings and tasks are captured in one master list, which can be particularly useful for sales teams.

2. Easy meetings

Zoho CRM integration with Google Calendar makes preparing for meetings much easier. With direct access to your CRM data, you can easily and quickly pull up relevant client data and notes without clicking out of Google Calendar. You can use the client data and history that you have already collected to your advantage and are able to access exactly when you need it most. 

3. Accuracy

Zoho’s CRM software can pull keywords and information from your emails and workflow to create calendar entries, reducing mistakes. You no longer have to worry about getting a phone number or email address wrong or misspelling a client’s name when switching between your phone and your laptop, different mailboxes, or deciphering that sticky note.

4. Teamwork

Google Workspace and Zoho are both cloud-based, so you have immediate access to them from anywhere in the world and using any device you choose. It is the perfect solution for the business owner or workforce that is remote or constantly on the move and working from a mobile device. Two-way synchronisation of data between applications eliminates duplication and allows teams to work smarter and better. Synchronised information reduces workplace confusion, improves communication in a remote team, and keeps a workday flowing smoothly.

Getting started with Zoho and Outsourced CFO (OCFO)

Zoho is easy to use, quick to deploy, safe, and reliable. A Zoho custom ERP solution als0 allows your business  to use the same technology stack through its various growth phases. OCFO sees Zoho as the ideal “cloud ERP” to help your business automate its processes and improve operational efficiency.

The OCFO team can help you to customise the implementation of Zoho to suit your business needs and integrate it with other applications, like Google Calendar, that you are already using. Put down that sticky note and reach out to our team to find out how to implement Zoho to help drive your business success.

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