Financial Decision-Making

Bounce your founder ideas with a trusted finance advisor.


Scaling a company is full of complexity. You face so many important decisions.

How to capitalize the organization in the next season. When and how to hire. How to structure founder remuneration. Buy or rent? Founders and executives need to make a lot of big calls – all of which have financial implications for the business. Imagine being able to soundboard them with a finance expert. Welcome to OCFO!

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Get access to the right financial direction for your growing business.

All the power of having a CFO on board, backed by a large team of professionals

Investment decisions

You care about the company’s success. That’s why you want to make sure that it makes the right investment decisions that maximize returns. Whether you need to consider making an acquisition in your industry, decide on how to structure your treasury function, or just need to make sure you buy the right assets – it pays to be prudent.

Financing decisions

Equity versus debt. Short term versus long term. How you fund the company’s growth matters. Arm yourself with the insight and understanding of an experienced finance professional when it comes to thinking about key financing decisions for the business.

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Working capital decisions

The time it takes to sell, deliver and get paid determines how much working capital the company will require. Many key processes and decisions weigh into this working capital cycle. Speed it up by making the right calls at the right time, leaving more money on the table for growth or distribution.

Dividend decisions

Owner remuneration is a key question every company needs to consider. How much do the owners working in and on the company earn? What percentage of company profit after tax is earmarked for distribution to owners? Having owners adequately compensated helps to keep them focused and inspired. Our CFOs love working this through with shareholders.

Systems decisions

Technology has become deeply entrenched in how companies run. But the amount of software and solutions out there can be mind-numbing. Our automations team helps founders and executives find, implement and maximize the right technology within their finance and operations functions.

Strategic decisions

Really knowing the numbers can help drive the strategic direction of a company. Which client segments to focus on and which ones to steer away from. Which kinds of hires to make more often. How to approach pricing decisions. How to think about financing expansion. How to approach global structuring for long term wealth protection. A fractional CFO in your corner can help you navigate these important crossroads.

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What Our Clients Say.

Entrepreneurs change the world. They create growth, job opportunities and social impact. We serve entrepreneurs! Hundreds of founders and management teams tap into the expertise of their trusted finance and accounting partner to help scale their companies.

Business is about people. When you partner with Outsourced CFO, a finance professional or team with the right mix of knowledge, skills and experience is personally matched with your company – working with you to create a world class finance function for your growing company. Your success story is our success story.


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