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A successful business journey starts and ends with the customer.


Build a fully integrated CRM with Zoho One.

Are you running your sales process off of excel or google sheets? Is your team using multiple disparate systems to execute on your new business? Are you having difficulty tracking sales KPIs? Are you having to manually input quotations into your accounting system?

Zoho CRM is the base that brings all the elements together. Purpose-built. Customized. Fully connected. With Zoho CRM you can drive the process behind your business on a platform that has native connections to 55+ applications. Now you can ensure sustained future growth across the organization with a scalable cloud infrastructure solution.

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Zoho CRM Solutions


It takes a lot to remain competitive and efficient in today’s world of business. With apps for everything, it is difficult to know where to start and how to leverage the best technology has to offer for your business. That’s why Zoho CRM & Zoho One provides a one-stop shop to tackle the unique needs of your business to deliver excellent service to its customers.

Remove silos in your business with a suite of connected tools. from sales & marketing to operations & finance & much more.

All roads lead to Zoho CRM (Customer Relationship Management). When you set up Zoho CRM for your business, it captures and delivers key data to all the apps you would like to send it to. From the first touchpoint on your website, to the invoice at the end of the day, your customer information, history and activity are all tracked and updated in one place. 

Imagine what you could do if you could have a pulse on your business’s sales and marketing efforts? How much time would you save if you didn’t have to duplicate that data into your other systems?

Take your sales efforts a step further by interacting with website visitors. View potential clients landing on your website in real time. Use the chat function to reach out to leads that engage with your products or services online. Monitor the success of your website by activating PageSense. Review session recordings of your website traffic by device. See where people are clicking with the heatmap. Optimize visitor experience on your website to drive lead generation.

Manage various social media platforms from one place. Schedule, collaborate and engage with content as a team. Understand the results with consolidated reporting and dashboards across all platforms including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, GoogleMyBusiness, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, to name a few. At the end of the day, see which of your efforts converted into business with Zoho CRM.

Just like other Newsletter software, you can build custom campaigns on Zoho via email, sms or social media. Segment your audience based on information housed in the CRM and make use of the 100s of customisable templates or build your own from scratch with an easy drag/drop interface. Pull through reports to see which of your efforts result in converting a lead and ultimately, new business.

Many times we see businesses that have complex sales and or operational processes that most out-of-the-box CRMs struggle to support. What is worse is oftentimes the team is fully dependent on one individual to use the tool and afterwards any financial data must be manually captured into the accounting system. A compounding nightmare for every scaling business.

Do not fear! Zoho Creator is a low-code tool that can be used to build out even the most complex of business logic. It can be fully integrated into your CRM and accounting package. Some functions we built include: Procurement, Fleet management, Logistics, B-BBEE Supplier Evaluation but really, if you have a spreadsheet and it has formulas, we can build it, create approval workflows and much much more.

Why Zoho One?


Get value out of your system sooner than other business suites on the market, as Zoho is a completely cloud-based system that is quick and easy to deploy. Because of its cloud-based design you are able to access Zoho from multiple devices, anywhere in the world. It is the perfect solution for the business owner or workforce that is remote or constantly on the move and working from a mobile device. Above all, it is reliable and safe with almost uninterrupted uptime meaning it is the ideal “cloud ERP”.

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Future-proof your tech stack with open API

Ensuring that the technology you deploy is future-proofed means having easy access to the data that it manages and generates. Zoho has an open API which means that you are able to integrate with existing or future cloud systems or industry specific tools.

One size fits all

Ranging from social and paid media management, marketing ROI, customer relationship management and sales KPIs to project management, business intelligence, HR, legal and much more. Zoho deployed and implemented as a custom ERP solution gives a business the opportunity to use the same technology stack through its various growth phases. It is a user friendly and powerful tool to manage all the activities of a business as and when they arise.

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Digital Gold - Data analytics

The currency of the future is data, but without a powerful business intelligence tool to analyze it, businesses could be missing important keys to unlock its growth and success. Zoho Analytics provides a data visualization tool to analyze data from all of the applications within the marketplace as well as other connected or imported sources. Provide management teams the insight across various business processes to support better decision making, in real time.

More value, less friction

Deploying technology stacks that work in functional silos are bound to cause unnecessary friction for you and your team. Zoho One has a single login with access to the 40+ applications, all within the same suite. Gone are the days of costly, bulky ERP solutions that are like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Keep your data and your business safe by enabling two-factor authentication, encryption and export restrictions. Manage your organization easily by assigning staff to relevant departments that will give them access based on predefined user rights and roles.


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Entrepreneurs change the world. They create growth, job opportunities and social impact. We serve entrepreneurs! Hundreds of founders and management teams tap into the expertise of their trusted finance and accounting partner to help scale their companies.

Business is about people. When you partner with Outsourced CFO, a finance professional or team with the right mix of knowledge, skills and experience is personally matched with your company – working with you to create a world class finance function for your growing company. Your success story is our success story.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Zoho One is a suite of 55+ applications that are natively integrated. A single sign on allows businesses to navigate seamlessly to the various functions of the business. At the end of the day pulling powerful business insights on each touch point of the business.

An CRM integration is the process of connecting your CRM software with other softwares or systems. The integration allows for the flow of information between your various sales and marketing activities in order to ensure that there is no friction in the acquisition and delivery of new business.

CRM is a technology used by businesses to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving customer relationships, retention, and overall business performance. An organization can use it to connect all of the touch points in the marketing process to deal management and ultimately onboarding and execution.

Zoho CRM plays a significant role in achieving business integration by providing a platform that centralizes and streamlines customer-related data and processes. It also acts as a helpful aid to the sales & marketing team when carrying out their activities.


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