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Identify inefficiencies and blockages that are limiting the growth of your company’s potential and profitability.


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Analyzing and understanding business operations and identifying any possible sticking points is an essential first step to realizing long-term efficiencies within your operation. Cost structuring, likewise, is a fundamental building block to ensuring profitability and success, and should never be neglected. As an entrepreneur, it pays to do the work upfront and ask the difficult questions.

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Rate the health of your company’s current analysis and structuring by answering the following questions:

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Yes, you may know the selling price of the item you’ve sold, but do you know what the cost is? Not merely the direct cost of the product, but the allocated costs of your marketing, electricity, rent, salaries etc. The money that you make on each product is also referred to as your profit per product or margin per product.

If you cannot answer any of the questions listed above, you need assistance in order to analyze your business and structure your costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business analysis entails analyzing the finances, systems, controls and operations of the business.

The purpose of business impact analysis is to identify inefficiencies and blockages that are limiting the growth potential and profitability of a business.

Cost structuring includes the review of the current structure of a business to determine if it is the most appropriate for the business. E.g. If a business is currently leasing an asset that is key to the sales of the business, how would the profits and cash flows change if the business were to buy the asset instead? Would the profits and cash flows increase or decrease over the short, medium and long term.

Are the employees of the business spending an unnecessary amount of time on manual interventions that can be automated? If these processes are automated, that allows those employees to work on more high-level tasks that bring in more revenue, or it could result in not needing to employ as many people as the business grows.

As an entrepreneur, you focus on growing the business as well as the day-to-day operations. You have a skill that very few people have. As your business grows, inefficiencies and blockages that could limit the growth and profitability of your business are naturally created. As an entrepreneur, your talents are best suited in continuing to grow your business.

In order to maximise profits and growth, those inefficiencies and blockages need to be identified and resolved. The best way to do this is through business analysis and cost structuring.


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