CFO Services Packages


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Our CFO Services offering is structured around three main packages that help you solve the gap at the top of your finance function.

performance cfo package


8 hours per month

For funded startups, the Performance Package offers your first access to top tier finance skills to help kickstart your company. Focusing on the establishment of financial infrastructure, basic reporting and compliance, and initial cash flow management practices, your new finance wingman or -woman will cast light on the numbers through your early years.


16 hours per month

For companies entering the scale-up phase (read approximately 10 to 25 people), the Growth Package offers the right amount of CFO support to help take your business to the next level. Focusing on more advanced financial reporting, more detailed cash flow forecasting and more in-depth value maximizing approaches, your new part-time CFO will help lessen the complexity burden of your early growth phases.

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eminence package


32 hours per month

For already successful companies looking for further scale, our visionary CFOs help you to further unlock your business’ true value. Advanced financial reporting to boards and shareholders, in-depth cash flow management and forecasting, detailed risk management, advanced KPI reporting and best-in-class financial strategies all translate into industry-leading growth, profitability and cash flow. A dedicated CFO for a day per week can change growth trajectories.

Fundraising Preparation Packages

Ready to start fundraising?


Raising finance? Getting the process right the first time can save countless executive hours. Convert a Growth Package into a Fundraising Prep Growth Package over 6 months for smaller companies to drive first-time raises up to $1m seed or series A rounds.


Later-stage fundraising? Convert an Eminence Package into a Fundraising Prep Eminence Package over 6 months for larger or more complex organizations raising bigger rounds.


Our fundraising preparation process and support has unlocked tens of millions of dollars, Rands, Pounds and Euros for scaling entrepreneurial companies.

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What Determines my Package?

You are unique. So is your business and its growth journey. Getting access to the right level of CFO support is determined by a number of factors:


Company Size


High-level vs Hands-on


Company Complexity


Scope of Work


Company Growth Rate


Budget considerations


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CFO Services Packages

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