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Don’t get left behind by using server-based, legacy technology to run your business. With OCFO experts by your side, you can automate and streamline your financial and operational processes, giving you an edge in today’s fast-paced digital business world.
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Get access to the right financial direction for your growing business.

All the power of having a CFO on board, backed by a large team of professionals

Are you currently experiencing any of the following issues:

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, you are not using technology to save your most precious resource… your TIME.

Accurate financial information in real time

In the past, accounting packages were expensive, clunky and bound to your desktop. This has the knock-on effect of also binding you to your desktop. Who wants to be held captive by their accounting package? With the advancements in technology, cloud accounting was born. This has given us the ability to invoice or record transactions at any time, and from anywhere in the world. All you need is a phone or laptop and internet access. It’s that simple.


FinTech can provide you with accurate financial information in real time. Allow yourself to stay up-to-date and informed on:

These metrics help provide clarity and direction as to where the business currently stands and what your next steps should be. All are available on an as, when and where basis; saving you time, increasing flexibility, and supercharging your ability to make informed strategic decisions.

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Streamline your business systems and procedures

Business automation allows for the streamlining of systems and procedures, integration of the flow of information, and the minimising of human error. This can be achieved with an appropriate and correctly set up automation software. It is important to take a hard look at your finance and operations functions and evaluate what technology will suit the business best to ensure that processes can be automated, streamlined, and made as simple as possible to replicate. This starts creating scale.


Work smarter, not harder – using the latest cloud technologies and automation software.


The rise of the FinTech Industry and cloud technology has changed the way in which we conduct business. Gone are the days of disjointed and disconnected technology platforms that are unable to talk to each other and lack real-time reporting capabilities. Ensuring organisations utilize the latest cloud technology in an integrated environment results in automated systems, faster client delivery and improved data transparency and accuracy.


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Entrepreneurs change the world. They create growth, job opportunities and social impact. We serve entrepreneurs! Hundreds of founders and management teams tap into the expertise of their trusted finance and accounting partner to help scale their companies.

Business is about people. When you partner with Outsourced CFO, a finance professional or team with the right mix of knowledge, skills and experience is personally matched with your company – working with you to create a world class finance function for your growing company. Your success story is our success story.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Financial technology, or “FinTech,” is the term used to describe any technology or software that seeks to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services. Examples include online banking, invoicing, mobile payment apps and more.
FinTech makes financial transactions accessible, easy to use and more affordable for both companies and their clients. Financial technology can also allow bigger companies to ensure the security of their digital transitions and actions.
FinTech will continue to make digital financial transactions faster, more convenient and efficient.
These trends include the ongoing digital transformation in how we do business, the emergence of specialised FinTech companies, the increasing role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation, and rethinking the concept of physical money.
Financial technology can help any business to automate repetitive tasks, thereby reducing errors and freeing up valuable time for specialized staff.


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