Financial Gap Analysis

Clear, focused direction for financial priorities.


Identify, map out and get ready to execute on key finance priorities.

A deep dive on finances, business model, risk and compliance to direct financial function strategy. Whether your goal is to improve your finance engine in the company or to start a fundraising endeavour – a deep dive gap analysis makes for the perfect starting point to direct execution.

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Get access to the right financial direction for your growing business.

All the power of having a CFO on board, backed by a large team of professionals

Financial Gap Analysis Product

Start off with a Financial Gap Analysis engagement to dissect and assess the current financial heart of the business. A finance expert will gather and analyze all company financial information, meet with your team for insight and context, and provide you with a detailed report on your financial standing and your route to growth.


The Financial Gap Analysis looks into every aspect of your company, allowing both the client and the CFO to gain a full overview of the business, highlighting problem areas and plotting these out into a sustainable roadmap for growth and financial success. Business risks are highlighted and recommendations for building a world-class finance function are made. After the Gap Analysis, the executive team will be in a much better position to make informed decisions when taking the next steps towards growing their business.


The Financial Gap Analysis is generally the first step in every CFO Services Retainer Package.

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Finance Gap Analysis Structure

The Financial Gap Analysis focuses on the following key elements of the business and its finance and compliance engine:

The first key outcome of the analysis is a risk register that lists the key risks and gaps within the finance function. It then follows with recommendations of the main priorities within the finance function to derive maximum results. Lastly, it creates a roadmap for growing the finance engine – and through that the business.

Fundraising Gap Analysis

Start your fundraising journey with an outsourced CFO by your side. Navigating the process of raising capital is complex and can steal a material amount of executive time and energy. Imagine if you could embark on a capital raising campaign with all your ducks in a row. The fundraising Gap Analysis, part of our suite of Fundraising Services, is the perfect place to start.


Following the same structure of our Financial Gap Analysis, the core focus of this fundraising engagement is to identify the potential roadblocks to and opportunities for your company’s raise. It identifies the direction to take with your fundraise, the type of capital you should consider, and the suite of documents and details that you should set out in order to wow a financier.


Learn more about the whole of the fundraising process we undertake with our retainer clients as part of our Fundraising Services.

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Entrepreneurs change the world. They create growth, job opportunities and social impact. We serve entrepreneurs! Hundreds of founders and management teams tap into the expertise of their trusted finance and accounting partner to help scale their companies.

Business is about people. When you partner with Outsourced CFO, a finance professional or team with the right mix of knowledge, skills and experience is personally matched with your company – working with you to create a world class finance function for your growing company. Your success story is our success story.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Financial Gap Analysis is a tool designed to help business leaders achieve clarity on the status of the finance function and identify the route to growth.
Scaling up a business is complex. Business owners and directors are not always aware of the financial gaps in their business. Not fixing some of these gaps could result in business slowdown or even shutdown of the business.
The Financial Gap Analysis is available worldwide via remote access. We have customers from the USA, UK, South Africa, Australia and more.


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