The Truth about Innovation

Here is the truth about innovation…

These days, innovation and disruption are trending terms. Changes in technology have helped us in numerous ways, whether it be saving time, improving the quality of outputs of the work we do, minimising the margin of error, or enhancing collaboration and improving access and mobility. Innovation is driving the world forwards and laying the foundations for the future at a rapid pace.

When we look at the synonyms for innovation as per Google’s dictionary, we see these words are not that “comfortable.” Change, alteration, revolution, and upheaval all denote a sense of disruption which can leave people with a sense of unease. However, as human beings, we tend to stick to areas that are familiar. We tend to not shake things up, or question the status quo, but retreat back to that which causes the least discomfort.

The need for innovation is normally born out of the frustration to the current status quo. Innovation requires us to be uncomfortable enough so that we want to change and therefore innovate and find a better way of doing something. The hunger to reject the mediocre should be greater than the discomfort that would be experienced involved with change and disruption that comes with implementing and testing new solutions.

In the accounting industry, new technology and the era of digitisation has afforded us the opportunity of utilising technology to leverage time that would have gone into processing and data capturing. Automation of processes frees up time and allows us to dream big.

Innovation has a pool of synonyms surrounding it that follow the lines of newness, a break with tradition, a shift of emphasis, and a change of direction. What many thesauruses are missing, is the word ‘creativity.’ Innovation often requires out-the-box thinking and unconventional problem-solving. These practical skills are highly valuable in the working world today.

Whether it’s migrating the company’s email or infrastructure to the cloud or implementing new systems, change is necessary regardless of the scale. And although it can be uncomfortable in the beginning, it will create better results at the end. Change and innovation are the way forward so people need to start embracing it.

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