Scaling your business is easier now with Outsourced CFO

Outsourced CFO (OCFO) is excited to announce a new partnership with Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) to enable more South African entrepreneurs to successfully scale up their companies to drive economic growth and social impact. The partnership will see EO members get significant discounts on all OCFO services to help accelerate their success.

Entrepreneur Organization (EO), is a global peer-to-peer network of 16,000+ like-minded leaders across more than 60 countries. EO helps entrepreneurs achieve their full potential through the power of life-enhancing connections, shared experiences, and collaborative learning. EO has been helping entrepreneurs achieve transformational growth since 1987 and its member network is committed to learning and helping each other succeed. 

Businesses need a turnover of US$1 million to become a member of EO. Outsourced CFO, however, has been working with EO since 2017 through their Global Accelerator Programme, which provides support to companies with an annual turnover of over US$250 000 as they grow to meet the EO membership requirement.

OCFO uses expert CFO services, Cloud Accounting, and Automation software to help scaling companies build world-class finance functions that can support the growth of their business.  There is a significant global trend wherein entrepreneurs are starting to recognise the power and importance of leveraging cloud technology and business automation to successfully scale their businesses.  Outsourcing can now also apply to the accounting and financial advisory function in the company. More and more entrepreneurs are outsourcing their CFO and book keeping / accounting functions to rapidly scale their companies.

The Global Accelerator Programme is an invaluable tool to the growth journey of any business. EO supports scaling entrepreneurs as a network and OCFO supports the growth and finance function of the same kind of entrepreneurs: ambitious, multi-founders who are building businesses that employ dozens of people. 

The OCFO team works directly with the business to see where a business can add maximum value and can help to unlock the greatest number of new opportunities.

EO has over 250 members in South Africa and the power and reach of this network in the South African business landscape is substantial. This group of entrepreneurs are in charge of a large portion of the economy and are doing great things to drive economic growth, create much-needed job opportunities, and realise social impact.

If you want to find out more information about how OCFO can help your business scale, or how to join the Global Accelerator Programme or become a member of EO, please click here to contact us.

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