South Africa’s Financial Workforce Attracts Global Business

Here is South Africa’s Financial Workforce Attracts Global Business.

Over the last few months several internationally-based companies have reached out to us, all in need of our CFO services. Now, traditionally South Africans consider themselves more humbly than we possibly ought to – usually looking to the outside world for leadership and skills.

But it’s time to start climbing up the ladder and recognise how in-demand our skills really are.

Outsourcing to the World

South Africa has become the third most popular English-speaking resource in the world of outsourcing, with a predominant trend in call centres.

Local Support

The South African government – in an attempt at growing local jobs and the economy – has introduced a Business Process Services Incentive through DTI grants, coupled with incentives for foreign companies (such as 20% cost saving) to permanently outsource basic services to South Africa.

In the World of Finance, South Africans are Kings

Did you know that RSA is number one out of 144 countries based on its contribution and adoption of the International Financial Reporting Standards, according to the World Economic Forum?

Did you know that the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants has long been recognised as the having the highest standard of its kind in the world?

It’s true! South Africans, skilled in finance, are way better qualified than our overseas counterparts, we speak the universal business language (English), we’re easy to do business with, and we cost less by 45 – 50%.

Now is the Time for Growth

With so much to offer international business, and modern technology enabling us to work off-site in a real-time environment, borders are erased.

There’s a real need for:

Watch this space! South Africa is on the cusp of becoming the world’s leading destination for outsourced accounting and financial services.

And we are right there, poised and ready to grab that wave!

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