How founders supercharge their finance function

Leverage outsourcing in stages of high growth and access the skills to overcome any challenge

"Do what you do best and outsource the rest!"

A founder’s journey is a rollercoaster. Some of the highest highs and lowest lows a human can experience are tied to the quest for business success. One of the most exciting times in an entrepreneur’s life is when a business starts to gain real momentum. 

Leading a business is no easy task – especially in a high-growth environment. Things move fast. Faster than usual and pressure continues to build with the endless tasks and situations to consider. How strong is our product/market fit? What is our customer retention like? Why is our CAC increasing? What talent do we need and where are we going to find it?? Sales, operations, tech, marketing … people. The tasks are endless, time is finite and your skill set – although great – is limited.

Ever feel overstretched?

Finance is complex and the finance function is often one of the last frontiers to get fortified by the leadership team. It is also one that becomes increasingly more important as you head towards further expansion, possible fundraises and potential acquisitions. Getting the numbers right is critical. So is developing the right strategy based on analysis, forecasts and smart financial management.

High-growth environments, although great, can start to have adverse effects on a founding team. As growth increases, so does the workload, variability of tasks, and complexity of challenges. What does not increase is time, and working longer, more difficult hours – without the right support – will lead to mistakes and burnout. 

But does outsourcing make sense for my company?

If some of the below situations seem all too familiar, you are most likely experiencing the symptoms of continued high growth over an extended period. It may be time to consider accessing expert help:

How can outsourcing work for me?

You may be thinking “is this really an option?” In a word – yes. We’ve integrated with companies from over 25 countries, leaning on the cross-pollination of data and our shared knowledge base to support founders in hitting targets and crushing goals. Think of Outsourced CFO as the “finance wingman” you’ve always wanted. With on-demand CFO, Automation and Cloud Accounting expertise spanning the entire finance function, you are able to ramp up and down the service when you need it most. 

If you want to build a successful, sustainable business, you’re going to need a world-class finance function. Get in touch today and find out how OCFO can meet your business where it’s at and support your growth journey.

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