Great Company Culture

Great company culture is based on company values and can be seen as the core of great company culture.

If you have a weak core, you may experience the following:

  • Reduced physical performance
  • Poor balance
  • Increased risk of injury
  • And sometimes pain.

However, our bodies are smart and have supporting muscles to hold us up when our core is down, but if you rely on your supporting muscles too much, they will be overworked, and these adverse effects will start to spread.

Now I am not here to tell you to do your sit-ups.

I am here to tell you that there are few differences between your abdominal muscles and your company. Like having a weak core, when you have a weak set of company values, your company will start to lack stability and control. Employees can become disengaged and they will face the challenge of having to work together with no common values, and no common goal.

What are core values?

“Core values are the handful of rules defining the culture, which are reinforced through your people systems (HR) on a daily basis.” – Verne Harnish, Scaling Up.

They outline the personality of a company, and ultimately set the tone for the working environment.

Your values should not be picked from a thesaurus, nor from synonym finder on Microsoft word. They should be unique to your company and the individuals that work within it, and if you do have them, they should be more than just a list on the wall.

At Outsourced CFO, we have seven core values that were discovered through the company’s growth over time. They are instilled in each and every individual, who mirror them both in the workplace and out.

  1. Family first

As a group of young professionals, it is a blessing to be able to watch each other grow. It is quite incredible to watch relationships form through the work we do, and to watch how we can build each other up through this journey.

  1. Excellence

Excellence is something that we strive towards in all aspects of our lives, especially when it comes to the work we do with our clients. No matter the scale, we strive to bring excellent work and excellent results. It’s about pushing the boundaries to be one or even two steps ahead of what anyone else in the industry is doing, in order to give our best to our clients.

  1. Continuous learning

“All growth companies are training companies.”

As a SAIPA training ground, a home to interns, and a place for growth, OCFO has created a space where it is almost impossible to learn something new every week, if not every day. We have curated a culture of continuously pushing ourselves to discover and learn. We are constantly reskilling to keep up with the acceleration of the market, with using what we currently know as a base for how we learn and how we take in knowledge. Everyone has the opportunity to learn.

  1. Innovation

Innovation is about driving technology. It’s about standardising operations, using the best technology, and bringing that to clients to unlock maximum value. As much as it’s about the new, it’s also about using what we already have to the best of our advantage, which involves thinking out the box and bringing creativity and unique skill sets to the table. Innovation is the way forward, and we are embracing it with open arms.

  1. Thought-leadership

Thought leadership is about learning from each other, learning from our industry, and learning how we can be leaders in it. It’s about collectively owning this knowledge and taking it to market with the purpose of sharing these insights to add value to the ecosystem, and to the entrepreneurs who are building their companies.

  1. Integrity

In an industry that is experiencing a credibility crisis, we cannot compromise on integrity – and we don’t. one of the big South African banks recently said:

“If OCFO has done the cash flow reports, we consider them as final.”

This the kind of trust and recognition we strive for in the market. We want our brand to carry this weight and to speak of this kind of high-level accuracy and integrity.

  1. Growth and success

“The measure of our success is through the success of each client.”

This is something we aim for, both internally and for our clients. We strive to be able to weigh in on the growth stories of our clients, and watch them climb the entrepreneurial ladder. We immerse ourselves in this journey, watching their business unfold from idea to industry leader. We are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to latch onto this growth, and grow with them, challenging ourselves to provide the best, that will make our clients the best.

Of course we have our supporting muscles at OCFO – our internal and external obliques, our longissimus thoracis, our diaphragm, and our rectus abdominis. These come in the form of personal and technical mentorship programs, compassionate leave, and an open-door policy to the HR department. But like the human body, often one muscle relies on the other one to function. That is why core values should always be carefully picked, kept top of mind, and reinforced through everyone in the company.

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