We have been quite busy the last couple of weeks, in case you missed it, here is where we were featured in the Press.

Building a business is a fully-immersive journey. It is important to establish a brand with good credibility. In so doing you will attract good clients who will help your business grow.

In the last few months, Outsourced CFO has really had an imprint in the South African press. We have been featured in the following publications:


10 fintech apps to help you better manage your startup’s finances

Seven steps to hack your scale-up company’s funding, investment readiness

Entrepreneur Mag:

What’s Your Number? How to Unpack Company Valuations

Blood, Sweat And Tears – The Journey To Becoming Emerging Entrepreneur Of The Year®

5 Lessons On Scaling Up Your Company From An EOY Winner

Your Business Magazine: December-January 2019: 

Page 14-15 

Netwerk24/Finweek – December/January

Finansiele dienste vie almal

Print Finweek – December/January

Financial services for the masses

Finansiële dienste vir almal


Met God as vennoot

About our team:

For ambitious SMEs, Outsourced CFO provides integrity and professional excellence in financial consulting. Succeeding through uncompromising quality and industry thought leadership, our aim is to help clients rethink, automate and scale their companies in the pursuit of business eminence.

The financial function is at the heart of every business. Sound financial planning and management enables businesses to grow and flourish, while the lack thereof is always a fundamental reason for failure. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the significant role that finances plays in the success of a business.

As new and younger companies cannot afford to appoint an appropriately qualified professional to navigate this facet of their business, but also cannot afford to be without the technical financial skills that one could offer, Outsourced CFO offers the solution – the business services of a passionate OCFO for an amount of hours per month tailored to your needs. If you need help with your finances, get in touch today.

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